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At Foxtrail Paris, our treasure hunts are not only designed for the general public, but also for companies. An outdoor team activity is a way to have fun, disconnect from our screens, and strengthen bonds within the team. Read on to discover why you should choose Foxtrail for your next team-building activity!

Develop Cooperation and Team Spirit

Foxtrail requires cooperation and listening in the same way as successful work collaboration. Let’s say your team is working on a project and is having difficulty agreeing on certain decisions. As a result, tensions rise and group morale declines. Taking time out together with a fun and playful team-building exercise such as Foxtrail is a proven and practical method to re-establish and develop team spirit.

Improve communication

Communication is fundamental in solving puzzles, just as it contributes to the smooth running of the company. You can work faster and improve your productivity by communicating efficiently with your colleagues.

Improve decision-making

At each step, decision-making requires teamwork. Should we take this street, or perhaps we should go that way… Every decision is important! The Foxtrail adventure helps develop your ability to convince those around you and make decisions as a team.

Promote the company's values and culture

As a leader, it is important that your employees understand the values and history of the brand in order to better represent it. This is one of the missions of a team building project such as Foxtrail, with values ranging from mutual support between employees to environmental issues. 

Integrate new employees

The integration of new employees is not easy and shouldn’t be hurried. If not done correctly, the result can be counterproductive. Taking part in an activity away from the workplace that requires face-to-face communication, such as a treasure hunt, is a great way to socialize. An excellent opportunity to create new bonds between team members, as well as to strengthen existing relationships.

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But first and foremost, taking part in an adventure like Foxtrail means having fun and building relationships with colleagues outside the professional setting!

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