How do I prepare a Foxtrail adventure?

When is the best time to do Foxtrail? What shouldn’t you forget in your bag? How can you most enjoy the adventure? Here are a few tips to get the best out of your treasure hunt.

What about the weather?

People often suggest that you discover Foxtrail under a bright sun and 30 degrees. Admittedly it is more pleasant to enjoy Paris under a beautiful blue sky! But watch out … during the warmer months, sessions can be quickly booked by other Foxtrailers, and the streets of Paris become more crowded.

Availability is often better when the weather is less favorable, especially for last-minute bookings. So why not take advantage of a Foxtrail the next time cloudy weather is forecast!

What to bring in case of high heat?

We now have a heat-wave episode almost every year in Paris. So this year, be prepared! It is essential to bring water and sunscreen with you in your backpack to protect your skin against sunburn. A hat and light clothing are always handy, especially for kids. And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes or sneakers, as the treasure hunt takes place on foot.

The trail documents? Essential!

Without trail documents, there will be no little fox! This says it all, doesn’t it? After having booked your session, you will receive an email confirming your booking, accompanied by your documents. So remember to print them and bring them with you on the day of your adventure!

Tip: if rain is forecast, protect your documents with a plastic sleeve.

Last word of advice: have fun and enjoy your treasure hunt!

Foxtrail treasure hunts have been created to relax and have fun! In no case is this a race of speed. Everyone lives his adventure at his own pace. All you need to find the fox is a good pair of eyes, a curious nature, and to listen to your team!

Carte Foxtrail devant le Sacré Cœur

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