Have you been looking for ways to spend quality time with your coworkers, teammates, friends, or family? Foxtrail helps develop quality time with others through the promotion of collaboration and engagement. You must actively communicate with those you’re playing with to be able to find each clue on the trail.

What is Quality Time?

Quality Time is the act of engaging with those around without unwanted distractions, such as work, social media, or other time commitments. 

Why Quality Time is important?

Quality Time is one of the five love languages (alongside words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and gift giving). When spending quality time with those around you, it helps to create a better understanding of one another, boosts empathy skills, elevates communication, and helps build mutual trust.

How Foxtrail promotes Quality Time

It can be challenging to spend time outside with others without using your phone. Plus, many people work indoors all day, and that can make it harder to find the time to explore.  Foxtrail provides an exciting way to find places you’ve never been with our original clues that have been scattered across parts of Paris. Finding these clues makes it easy to interact with those around you because you have a mutual goal of finding the fox. Throughout your journey, you create new shared experiences to cherish.

Because Foxtrail was built as a remedy for a lack of social engagement, the trails aren’t timed. Anyone can take as long as they need to on the trails without worrying about how long it will take, and this allows there to be less stress when seeking each hidden location.

Summary Notes
  • Is 1 of the 5 love languages
  • Is a bonding experience
  • Elevates collaboration and teamwork
  • Engages cooperation and communication skills
  • Prioritizing spending time with one another
  • Overall, fulfills a strong connection between one another
Une équipe Team-Building sur le jeu de piste Foxtrail à Paris