Discover Paris with an outdoor activity

Foxtrail Paris is back!

Everyone is waiting impatiently waiting to be allowed back outside again. While we must remain cautious, Foxtrail Paris will reopen at the end of May!*

There are rumours that the fox is already in his hiding place … You can book a trail today and look forward to an unusual and fun experience in the heart of Paris.

An outdoor activity

We can all go out again, so let’s enjoy the arrival of summer with an outdoor treasure hunt!

A Wednesday afternoon perhaps, a weekend or even on a day off, you will soon be able to share a moment with your loved ones with Foxtrail Paris!

Safety first

As we come out of lockdown, we will do everything we can to protect you and those around you.

– Sites where our clues are located will be cleaned several times a day to limit the spread of the virus. In the event that sites remain closed to the public, we will adapt the trail appropriately.

– Foxtrail is done in groups of 2-6 people. But if you are a group of 6 people, why not make 2 groups of 3 (or 3 of 2) to further reduce any risk – the price remains the same!

– We are counting on you to respect the advice of the authorities, in particular with regard to wearing a mask and social distancing.

These measures will evolve in accordance with the evolution of the virus and any advice announced by the authorities.

More information here:

COVID-19 information

An eco-friendly outing!

The planet has got its breath back over the past few weeks. Now is the time for us all to double our efforts and decrease the rate of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Forget buses and cars and (re) discover Paris on foot! A good healthy walk awaits you on one of our treasure hunts.

And let’s not forget to preserve our heritage! Our trails have been designed to respect and preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Paris.

Until the trails reopen, take care of yourself and please stay at home.

*Depending on future government directives.