Cafes to Visit on the Saint Germain Trail

Here are some places to grab a coffee or settle your cravings that are easily accessible and that you can find along the Saint Germain Trail. You have all the time you need on a Foxtrail, so you can always get a caffeine fix whenever the need arises. Some of our recommendations are more popular than others, as we tried to diversify the list to accommodate a variety of tastes. Take the time to enjoy any part of the trail that intrigues you! Here is the list:

Les Deux Magots:

This restaurant was opened in 1885 and has been frequented by many artists, tourists, and Parisians. It is located right next to the Saint-Germain-des-Prés metro station, so it’ll be easy to come back for a visit later on. It is known for having attracted elite intellectuals like Simone de Beauvoir and Ernest Hemmingway. It is justifiably more expensive than average, but it is perfect if you are looking to visit an iconic piece of history. However, if you are looking to stop for a simple beverage, they take pride in their old-fashioned hot chocolate, which is perfect for a breezy day on the trail. They also offer gourmet ice cream that is sure to satisfy cold cravings on a sunny day.

  • Long menu
  • Open for most of the day
  • Vintage atmosphere

Café de Flore:

This cozy and bubbly cafe also has impressive roots in the history of Paris. It has been visited by many artists of multiple artistic movements from 1887 when it was opened all the way to the present. It even displays art presently by local artists within the cafe itself. It holds itself in high esteem, as it has such a prestigious presence in Paris. Though the prices are higher on the list, it pays to say that you’ve visited such a well-known place.

  • Famous
  • Many salads, ice creams, and desserts
  • Vintage aesthetic

Shakespeare and Company Café:

You’ve likely heard of this little shop before, as it’s frequented by tourists and Parisians alike. Besides having a world of literature, the little cottage-like bookstore also has a petite cafe, which is located right by Notre Dame. Their book collection is mostly English, organized with popular literature and several other categories, but expect there to be a decent amount of wait time before being allowed into the shop itself. It’s too tiny to handle the number of readers that come to visit. They do have some books located outside near the terrace, so you can browse after a spot of tea. They also offer toasts, yogurts, salads, and pastries. The budget is medium to high, as the setting is a popular place.

  • Famous bookstore
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Plenty to read

Le Procope:

If you’re looking to travel back in time to a place of fashionably distinguished food and unique decorative styling, look no further than Le Procope. It Is the oldest cafe in Paris, founded in 1686. It has an elegant atmosphere with burgundy and golden walls, a bright chandelier, beautiful furnishing, and a wildly fascinating history. Plus, the service will make you feel like a guest of respectable royalty. It’s most busy in the evening, so during the morning or midday Foxtrail is the best time to visit this cafe.

  • Has wifi and a terrace
  • Antique regal decor
  • Many menu items


There are many Amorinos spread across the city, so there is one on both trails. Technically, it’s not a cafe, but we had to include it as a Foxtrail favorite. They serve deliciously decorative gelato, as each scoop is a flower with the ice cream shaped as petals. You can get as many favors as you like in one scoop, and they also serve gelato macarons! Amarino is a very festive brand and even arranges seasonal flavors to be available for every season. Plus, every shop has tasty gluten-free and dairy-free flavors that are vegan-friendly. It is a chain food establishment, so you’re likely to have quicker service.

  • Many gelato flavors
  • For all ages
  • On the go

Factory & Co

This cafe has American food, and it is aesthetically inspired by the United States. It is budget-friendly with a good variety of burgers and sandwiches. However, Factory and Co are mostly known for the window display treats, as it is impossible to miss the sweet temptation of their All-American creamy cheesecakes, which come in several delectable flavors. Plus, they offer good muffins and pastries, as well as a wide variety of milkshakes and smoothies. You can eat outside, or take the spiral staircase up to a relaxing area with many seats to choose from. The restaurant Is located on Boulevard Saint Germain, right next to the Odeon station. It’s hard to miss their unique cafe logo, which is of a kiss shared between a chef and a lady.

  • Serves a variety of teas
  • Right by the trail
  • There’s an upstairs
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