Once upon a time...

Where was Foxtrail invented? How did the idea for the concept come about? In this article we answer these questions so you can get to know us a bit better!

Where does Foxtrail originate from 

If we talk about fondue, chocolate or clocks, which country comes to mind? Switzerland, of course!

The story begins with the Wiederkehr family. To amuse his loved ones during family get togethers, Fredy Wiederker had the idea of organizing intriguing treasure hunts. The result was an overwhelming success! When he realised no one else was offering similar activities, Fredy decided in 2001 to create the first Foxtrail courses for the general public. 

Swiss flag on a mountain with lake in background

The Evolution of Foxtrail 

Whilst maintaining the principle that all trails should be unique, Foxtrail has developed dozens of different routes in Switzerland, and throughout Europe. Today more that 160,000 participants go out in search for the now famous fox every year! 

Flow chart showing the history of Foxtrail n Paris

2019: Foxtrail arrives in Paris 

The fox is always on the search for new adventures, and so in 2019 Matthew Selwyn, CEO of Foxtrail Paris, introduced the concept to France. 

The adventure began in 2018 and one year later the SAINT GERMAIN and PARIS, MON COEUR trails officially opened to the public. 

Black and White Head shot of Matthew Selwyn

“I was looking for a new concept with integrity and quality to introduce to Paris. After trying one of the Foxtrails in Zurich with friends, I was so impressed by how much everyone enjoyed the experience. It is a great concept and perfectly suited to a city such as Paris.”


 – Matthew Selwyn, CEO de Foxtrail Paris 

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