The future of tourism and the planet depend on it

This week, we would like to talk to you about a new trend in responsible tourism. Because mass tourism and environmental protection don’t mix: urban ecotourism comes to the rescue!

What is urban ecotourism?

Two facts should be retained today: a significant volume of tourism takes place in cities and sustainable development is becoming more and more important in everyone’s mind. Traditional Ecotourism focuses on responsible travel in natural environments, considering what activities are sustainable for both the planet and local communities. Urban Ecotourism takes the main principles of ecotourism, which are based on environmental and cultural awareness and respect, and applies these same principles to the urban environment.

Why is it important?

Ecotourism is undoubtedly the future for travel and tourism. As the need for a sustainable way of living becomes more apparent, we need to bridge the disconnect between the natural environment and society. This is why most major cities are enhancing their green areas and, wherever possible, increasing them. It’s not uncommon in certain parts of Paris for example to walk past a beehive, a community garden plot or to discover a rooftop bar overflowing with greenery

What are the benefits?

To promote activities and experiences that benefit locals without degrading the environment ! But it is not only locals who can profit. By creating more fulfilling experiences, tourists themselves can benefit from the personal satisfaction of helping the planet and gaining a deeper understanding of areas they visit.

Urban Ecotourism reduces our carbon footprint

If we can encourage people to engage in experiences in the local environment, we reduce the need to travel to far off destinations in cars and aeroplanes.

But that’s not all! There are a variety of more environmentally friendly means of transport to reduce pollution. For example, in Paris, you can use public transport, rent a bicycle (electric or not) and even an electric scooter. Thanks to these alternatives, we can also reduce the noise and visual pollution created by tourist buses and traffic jams.

And let’s not forget that it is more pleasant to visit the centre of Paris on foot! Activities such as Foxtrail can help make the most of your time exploring the most intriguing areas.

What about Foxtrail?

Foxtrail Paris supports local environmental initiatives and we are proud that we offer an activity that has a positive impact on the local community without having a negative impact on the environment. We know that our customers, many of whom are from the Paris region will learn something new about the area, and we hope this will inspire them to care more about our urban environment. It’s our mission to get people outdoors, away from smartphones, exploring Paris in a responsible way. Find out more:

Eco-friendly activity
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Fountain and trees in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris