Would you like to discover something intriguing and different with friends or family?Would you like to (re)discover the city from a new angle?Or perhaps you just want to share a fun outdoor experience with loved ones?

Foxtrail is an out-of-the-ordinary team activity in the centre of Paris which encourages collaboration, problem solving and communication. Participants are divided into teams of 2-6 people and have to follow the fox’s trail through the city streets, solving clues and looking out for hints along the way. Suitable for all ages, everyone can make their own contribution and express their individual qualities as they interact to find solutions together. Usually the trails take about 2½ hours to complete but as there is no time limit, you are free to follow the trail at your own pace and can for example stop for refreshments along the way.

Foxtrail is an ideal solution for a:

  • Family activity
  • Day out with friends
  • Birthday party (from age 7 to 99)
  • Blind date
  • City tour
  • Senior citizen outing
  • Hen or Stag party

We can cater to your ideas and customise your adventure, so please don’t hesitate to share these ideas with us at the time of booking. We would love to help you make your event special.

A Foxtrail is simple to organise and you can book right up until the last minute subject to availability. Maybe you want to offer someone a Foxtrail for a special occasion?

Reviews from Foxtrail customers:


We had done a great foxtrail (scavenger/treasure hunt) in Switzerland where the company started. So we decided to try the London trail. Youngest was 11 years old. The trail has you walking about 8+km so wear comfy shoes! It takes you past a lot of very famous places and attractions so would be good for those who aren’t familiar with London. We know London quite well however it did take us to a few places we wouldn’t normally go.


I thought that was an excellent trail.
Very good for teenagers and grammar schools.
A real team building activity.


A nice foxtrail, which has led us to realy exciting places. The puzzles are good, but it's not always clear where exactly the places are. From switzerland, we know it so that there are foxtrail signs or traces at all the places, so that you know that you are in the right place. We were often unsure if we were on the right track and we also had to ask. But getting the tips as SMS is a good idea (in Switzerland you have to call). And the instruction in German would have been very helpful for us, sometimes we were not shure whether we understand everything right...

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