Would you like to discover something intriguing and different with friends or family?Would you like to (re)discover the city from a new angle?Or perhaps you just want to share a fun outdoor experience with loved ones?

Foxtrail is an out-of-the-ordinary team activity in the centre of Paris which encourages collaboration, problem solving and communication. Participants are divided into teams of 2-6 people and have to follow the fox’s trail through the city streets, solving clues and looking out for hints along the way. Suitable for all ages, everyone can make their own contribution and express their individual qualities as they interact to find solutions together. Usually the trails take about 2 hours to complete but as there is no time limit, you are free to follow the trail at your own pace and can for example stop for refreshments along the way.

Foxtrail is an ideal solution for a:

  • Family activity
  • Day out with friends
  • Birthday party (from age 7 to 99)
  • Blind date
  • City tour
  • Senior citizen outing
  • Hen or Stag party

We can cater to your ideas and customise your adventure, so please don’t hesitate to share these ideas with us at the time of booking. We would love to help you make your event special.

A Foxtrail is simple to organise and you can book right up until the last minute subject to availability. Maybe you want to offer someone a Foxtrail for a special occasion?

Reviews from Foxtrail customers:


[TripAdvisor Oct 2019]: To describe the foxtrail in Paris in three words i would choose:
exciting, demanding and masterpiece.

We had a lot fun to explore the city on in a new unconventional way. The puzzles were lovely made with a lot of details and the story is sneaky and focuses your attention.
A perfect game for people who already know Paris or even for locals to have an exciting and joyful day in the city.

Rachel M

[Facebook 5/11/19]: Excellente expérience qui nous fait nous promener dans des quartiers très sympas de Paris tout en menant notre petit enquête.
Convient aussi bien aux grands qu’aux petits ;)!
À faire !!!!

Anouk R

[TripAdvisor Oct 2019]: Habituellement je ne suis pas une grande amatrice de ce type d'activité mais je me suis laissée convaincre d'expérimenter le parcours Foxtrail et franchement je n'ai pas été déçue ! C'était juste génial ! Le jeu de piste nous a fait passer par des coins super insolites de Paris que je ne connaissais pas, les points-étape sont fun et les moyens mis en place sont bluffants, je me suis complètement prise au jeu, à l'intrigue et la poursuite du Renard... Je recommande sans hésitation !

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