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Follow the clues and discover Paris


Foxtrail is a cross between a treasure hunt and an outdoor escape game.

A fun and imaginative activity designed for friends, families, and larger groups of all kinds in which the city becomes your playing field.

In teams of 2 to 6 people, use your printed Foxtrail instructions to try and follow the trail of the runaway fox by finding his interactive clues, breaking codes, and revealing hidden messages that will guide you through the streets of Paris.

Foxtrail is unique. During the activity you will encounter permanent installations that the fox has hidden around the city. They combine creativity with technology, producing fun and original challenges. Clues will require both intelligence and teamwork to solve, similar to an Escape Room. However you are free to complete the trail at your own pace, so you can fully appreciate the sights and unexplored corners of the city you will discover along the way. Discover more about our trails:

Our Treasure Hunts
  • 2-hour outdoor activity
  • Interactive clues hidden in secret indoor locations
  • SAINT GERMAIN trail: 6th arrondissement
  • PARIS MON COEUR trail: 1st arrondissement
  • Private groups of 2-18 people: simple online booking
  • Groups of 19-60: event customisation available
  • Available in English or French
Equipe féminine qui lit les documents du jeu de piste Foxtrail à Paris

Our self-guided trails ‘PARIS, MON COEUR’ and ‘SAINT GERMAIN’ are a great way to see and get to know Paris in just a few hours.For visitors to Paris, it can be a fun alternative to the traditional city tour, but locals will be just as surprised by what they discover.


No app is required, just your hands, your Foxtrail documents, and a sharp eye.

(for groups larger than 18 people, please visit our Team Building page)

2. Get your documents

Receive your documents via e-mail and print them.

3. Find the start point

Our trails start in central Paris.

4. Check-in via SMS

5. Complete the Trail

Have fun!


If during the game you find yourself in difficulty, call the helpline to get you back on track.

For more information, please read our FAQ


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Foxtrail is suitable for all kinds of events, private and professional alike.

Foxtrail is ideal for group events, club and staff excursions, seminars, family expeditions, school trips, birthdays, hen and stag parties, or simply spending time with friends.

You can play at your own pace and take your time exploring the city every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The activity is not timed, so don’t hesitate to take a break along the way. It’s our mission to disconnect people from their screens for a few hours to experience a unique and fun experience with your teammates.

Play an original activity with family, with friends, or even for your next company event.

Our Treasure Hunt activities in Paris:
Equipe Foxtrail team-building jeu de piste à Paris
2 hours - Difficulty: First Timers

Explore the Saint Germain area of central Paris, along streets famed for their literary and artistic residents, and eventually cross the river to the Rive Droite. Along the way your team will visit a church, a museum and even a cooking studio in search for clues.

Vue sur l'Académie française depuis le Pont des Arts de Paris. France
2 ½ hours - Difficulty: Intermediate

Explore the heart of central Paris, past well known monuments and along lesser known back alleys. This assignment will lead you through the courtyard of a world famous museum, reveal fantastic views of the river and you may even encounter a Chocolatier.

A montage of Foxtail Team-Building in Paris doing an outdoor treasure hunt
Privatisation for 6-100 people

Foxtrail outdoor group activities offer fun challenges that encourage communication and collaboration. Our considerable experience in organising Team Building events offers your employees the opportunity to connect and demonstrate their unique skills.