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General questions

Foxtrail is an outdoor activity for friends, families and groups of all kinds in which the city becomes your playing field. In teams of 2 to 6 people, use your printed Foxtrail instructions to try and follow the trail of the runaway fox by finding his interactive clues, breaking codes and revealing hidden messages that will guide you through the city streets. You can play every day from 10:15am to 5pm.

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Once you have chosen your start date and time, you can book and pay for your Foxtrail online. You will receive the booking confirmation and other necessary files by email. Equipped with the booking confirmation, Foxtrail instructions and a mobile phone, teams can set out on their own and follow the trail at their own pace.

Teams need to work together to find interactive clues and solve tasks which will reveal the fox’s route. The Fox Helpline service provides support throughout the trail should you get stuck.

Foxtrail is played in groups of 2-6 people. You can book and pay online for a maximum 3 groups of 2-6 people (with a minimum 15 minute gap between each group). For groups larger than 18 people you will need to contact us – please refer to group bookings.

Groups are separated by short intervals, and trails can be done in reverse, meaning that we can accommodate groups of up to 60 people per hour on each trail.

With groups larger than six it becomes harder for each member of the group to participate, and from our experience is less fun. Parts of the trail involve entering buildings and so there are also security and safety concerns to consider.

All children are welcome! However some of the clues are complex, so to participate fully we recommend Foxtrail for children aged 7 and over. Children will have more fun if they are able to read some of the clues. There is also a minimum of two hours / 2km outdoor walking required.

No. Our trail leads you up and down stairs where ramps are not available so Foxtrail is impracticable for prams or push chairs.

Unfortunately, Paris is not as wheelchair friendly as we’d like, so Foxtrail is not currently suitable for wheelchair users. We are planning a wheelchair friendly trail for the future.

Foxtrail documents are available in French or English. Always book your trail in the language in which you want to receive your starting documents. If you require an additional document in a second language (FR or EN), please email us at contact@foxtrail.fr quoting your booking reference number.

A QR code is a square-shaped matrix made up of black and white shapes. You will find one on your booking confirmation. Simply scan the code using a QR code reader to access the information it holds.


Booking & vouchers

You can book a trail and starting time online for small groups (up to a maximum of three groups of 6, so groups of up to 18 people can book directly online). For groups of 18+ people, please see ‘Group Bookings’ below.

Reservations must be made at least 2 hours before the start of your adventure, although for pre-planned activities we recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred start time. We accept CB, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

All participants need a valid ticket to enjoy a Foxtrail. We offer a discounted rate for children between 5 and 15 years old, and children under 5 go free.

You can change the date and time for individual bookings up to 12 hours before the reserved start time. Bookings are non-refundable but, if you do not know when you want to rebook, we can issue a voucher allowing you to enjoy the experience at a later date.

Foxtrail Gift Vouchers have an expiry date on them, usually two years, after which they are no longer valid. However vouchers can be exchanged for tickets with a longer validity.

Your vouchers will be sent electronically so are therefore available immediately upon booking.

Yes, simply book your preferred trail, indicating the total number of people who will participate. By entering the voucher codes, the exact amount corresponding to the vouchers available will be redeemed automatically. Any additional participants in the same slot can be paid with a normal online payment transaction.

During the booking process, once you press ‘Go to Checkout’ click on ‘+ Redeem Voucher’ on the right hand side of the screen. Here you can enter either your discount code or voucher code.


The trails

Yes, Foxtrail can be enjoyed in any kind of weather, as long as you have suitable clothing. Routes may need to be shut down due to exceptionally bad weather.

Each Foxtrail clue is unique. Sometimes the fox leaves interactive puzzles, or you might find one of his bright green signposts offering a hint. On every trail he always has a surprise or two in store. We can’t tell you much more without spoiling the fun!

The fox does sometimes take public transport. On the Paris trails there is one short optional metro ride but you can walk if you prefer.

Public transport is not included in the Foxtrail ticket. If you do not have a Navigo Pass you can buy tickets at the metro station.

You will need to go to the address indicated in the confirmation email at the scheduled time and send a message to the number indicated with the booking code that you will find on the documents that have been sent to you. Please read the instructions on the booking confirmation email.

For groups of 2 – 18 foxtrailers:

If you have already purchased your tickets, you simply arrive at the start location given in your starting documents, text your booking number to the helpline and begin the trail at the specified time.

Some clues are only accessible at certain times, so you could miss out on clues if you start at the wrong time.

The trails end near the Centre Pompidou.

Bring a print-out of your booking confirmation and your Foxtrail Instructions (which we will email to you with your booking confirmation). You will need a pen plus one mobile phone per team, and we suggest you wear comfortable shoes such as trainers, flat shoes with good soles or trekking shoes with clothing suitable to the weather conditions.

Bring your Navigo Pass or a valid metro ticket as there will be an option to take a short metro ride during the trail.


Group bookings

The event management fee includes a personal event manager for your teams. Your personal event manager will schedule teams, send your documents, confirmations, tickets and invoice to you and be your host throughout the day. They will make sure you have an enjoyable experience and can arrange refreshments, meals and entertainment after the event if required.

You will also receive assistance from our event manager with organising, scheduling and booking your trails. Large groups of 19 participants can benefit from trail combinations which are unavailable to smaller groups who book online.

No. Departure times are blocked as soon as we receive the respective confirmation.

Many national and international companies have used Foxtrail to round off their company workshops, seminars and training days. Foxtrail enables the delegates to go outside, have fun and work as a team, which boosts morale and benefits the business as a whole.

Teams can be formed however you like, but for company events we recommend that the teams are formed randomly (by us!). This boosts team building and brings together different personalities.

For groups of 19 or more foxtrailers:

Our local event managers will book teams on the appropriate trails. Your group’s local manager will talk you through your starting times, which will be stated in the starting documents with all the information you’ll need.

This is quite difficult to predict. Each team progresses at their own pace. The weather can also have an effect; in good weather it is quite possible that a team will stop at a café or ice cream parlour. However, teams can set themselves a time limit. Experience has shown that a maximum of 2 and a half hours is sufficient. The local event managers will devise a schedule for large groups.

The sooner you let us know when you plan to book a large group, the better, even if you don’t know the exact number of participants at the time. We’ll need the definite number of participants eight days before the event, so we have enough time to prepare and mail the tickets and starting documents to you.

You will need to notify Foxtrail before the event if the number of participants has increased or decreased by ten or more.

You will receive an automatic reminder email 14 days before the start date.

Still got a question we haven’t covered?

You can send us an email at contact@foxtrail.fr