Are you looking for something exciting and different to do with your family In Paris?Would you like to (re)discover Paris with a non touristy activity ?Or perhaps you just want to share a fun outdoor treasure hunt with your kids?

Foxtrail is an out-of-the-ordinary family activity in the centre of Paris which encourages collaborationproblem solving and communication, but most importantly is a lot of fun! Participants are divided into teams of 2-6 people and have to follow the fox’s trail through the city streets, solving clues and looking out for hints along the way.

Our treasure hunts are dedicated to the entire family. Suitable for all ages*, everyone can make their own contribution and express their individual qualities as they interact to find solutions together. Usually the trails take about 2 hours to complete but as there is no time limit, you are free to follow the trail at your own pace and can for example stop for refreshments along the way.

Discover our trails here:

Our trails
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If you're looking for an idea for a kids activity, you've come to the right place! A friendly and playful experience awaits you with our outdoor treasure hunt in Paris. Is your family ready to challenge the fox?

A Foxtrail is simple to organise and you can book right up until the last minute subject to availability. Maybe you want to offer someone a Foxtrail for a special occasion such as a birthday?

*All children are welcome! However some of the clues are complex, so to participate fully we recommend Foxtrail for children aged 7 and over. There is also a minimum of two hours outdoor walking required.

Foxtrail is also an ideal activity for:

  • Day out with friends
  • Birthday party (from age 7 to 99)
  • Blind date
  • City tour
  • Senior citizen outing
  • Hen or Stag party
  • Reunion with childhood friends
  • Family event

Reviews from Foxtrailers:

Mike n Em

[Tripadvisor March 2020]: "I can't understate how much we enjoyed this walking tour. I've never done one before and I can't imagine how this cryptic, clue chasing, meander through a fascinating bit of Paris could have been set up better. I can't go into the details of the tasks/quizzes as it would spoil it for others, but I can say that I will remember all of them (and especially one) for the rest of my life. Absolutely fantastic."

Emily P

[Google March 2020]: "Great way to see some places we might not otherwise have visited on the left bank. Clues were not too hard, but made you think, and you needed to observe your surroundings more carefully than you normally would. Imaginative way of incorporating shops and churches into the clues too. We loved it!"


[Tripadvisor February 2020]: "The clues were just on the right level. We had to use our eyes and a bit of lateral thinking too. Great use
of local landmarks within the clues and riddles. Would definitely do another one."

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