If we want to enjoy outdoor escape games such as Foxtrail in the future, we need to choose activities that are sustainable


Protecting our local heritage and promoting  respect toward our environment is something we take very seriously.

Badge foxtrail et rue cremieux

Foxtrail Paris supports local environmental initiatives and is proud to offer an activity with a positive impact on the local community without negatively impacting the environment.

Our treasure hunts offer residents of Île-de-France the opportunity to participate in an eco-responsible activity in their own urban environment.

Walking activities are also not only a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, they are great exercise as well. A win-win for both your health and the planet!


During the design and instalation of the trails, our clues were adapted to their surroundings to ensure we preserve and protect the local heritage

What can I do for the planet?

Your printed Foxtrail documents should help you find the fox. When you have finished your adventure, please remember to recycle your trail documents.

Meres et filles qui jouent à Foxtrail à Paris

No app is required, just your hands, your Foxtrail documents and a sharp eye.

(for groups larger than 18 people, please click here)

2. Get your documents

Receive your documents via e-mail and print them.

3. Find the start point

Châtelet or Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

4. Check-in via SMS

5. Complete the Trail

(approx 2 hours walking)


If during the game you find yourself in difficulty, text the helpline to get you back on track.

After the finishing line photo, we can also organise an optional Apéro for your team.

For more information please read our FAQ