Looking for a group activity in Paris?Enjoy an original treasure hunt in Paris and have fun with the members of your club or association!

Foxtrail is ideal for groups looking for a 2 hour activity in the heart of Paris.

Divided into teams of 2 to 6 people, participants must follow the fox’s path through the streets of the city by solving puzzles using clues found along the way.

Suitable for all ages and available in both English and French, Foxtrail treasure hunts allow all team members to have fun together while discovering hidden parts of Paris!

We’re happy to arrange private groups activities or build custom events for schools, corporate teams, non-profits, family reunions, and more. 

Foxtrail Paris is not like your traditional group visits to Paris, but instead proposes a fun and unique activity. Our objective? To help you discover the little known spots of the capital and to encourage time away from screens. See for yourself the benefits of reducing screen-time for a few hours and create shared group interactions and experiences.

If you are really stuck there is an SMS helpline that can put you back on track, but otherwise you will find everything you need to enjoy a Foxtrail in our custom built check-points and the starting documents.

Learn more about our concept here:

How it works

Foxtrail is a perfect activity for:

  • Outing with members of your association
  • Club excursion
  • Team-building activity
  • Summer or pre-Christmas party
  • Leaving do
Many hands touching a tree for a Team-building exercise

A Foxtrail treasure hunt is a perfect idea for a group excursion in Paris! We can handle large groups, and our team can tailor your event to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to make your outing even more special. Foxtrail is your guarantee for a convivial moment and a surprising way of (re)discovering Paris.


Tailor your outing to your needs

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Reviews from Foxtrailers:

Mike n Em

[Tripadvisor March 2020]: "I can't understate how much we enjoyed this walking tour. I've never done one before and I can't imagine how this cryptic, clue chasing, meander through a fascinating bit of Paris could have been set up better. I can't go into the details of the tasks/quizzes as it would spoil it for others, but I can say that I will remember all of them (and especially one) for the rest of my life. Absolutely fantastic."

Emily P

[Google March 2020]: "Great way to see some places we might not otherwise have visited on the left bank. Clues were not too hard, but made you think, and you needed to observe your surroundings more carefully than you normally would. Imaginative way of incorporating shops and churches into the clues too. We loved it!"


[Tripadvisor February 2020]: "The clues were just on the right level. We had to use our eyes and a bit of lateral thinking too. Great use
of local landmarks within the clues and riddles. Would definitely do another one."

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