Why a Foxtrail Gift Voucher is an ideal Christmas present

It isn’t always easy finding a suitable gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list, but if you are looking for an original Christmas gift idea this year, you’ve come to the right place! Foxtrail Gift Vouchers are very versatile gifts as you will find out below, and they offer complete flexibility with our COVID Guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

Why is a Foxtrail Gift Voucher an ideal Christmas present?

In a digital world, people are craving real-life outdoor experiences more and more. Many of us spend more time indoors than we would like to, which makes a two hour Foxtrail treasure hunt around the streets of Paris even more appealing. Remember Foxtrail Gift Vouchers are valid for two years, so you can offer someone an outdoor activity to look forward to in 2023 or even 2024.

We all want to live in a more sustainable world, but every year Christmas generates a huge amount of waste. Two out of every three Christmas gifts are unwanted and many end up in landfill along with the tons of packaging and Christmas wrapping. Experiences such as Foxtrail are a sustainable alternative to material presents, so reduce your environmental impact this year with a Foxtrail Gift Voucher.

Who is a Foxtrail Gift Voucher suitable for?

Foxtrail Gift Vouchers are an extremely versatile Christmas present, so versatile in fact that we were able to write an entire page on the subject! They can be offered to him, to her, to a couple, to a family, or even to a group of friends. Foxtrail Gift Vouchers are also a useful solution for some of the harder to shop for people listed below, people who all of us can relate to.

Do you need to buy a present for someone you don’t know very well, perhaps a new member of the family or a new colleague at work? If you’re struggling to think of a Secret Santa gift for Julie the new intern, a Foxtrail Gift Voucher could be the solution!

Maybe you have a Christmas visitor this year who would appreciate not having to carry a heavy or large gift back home in their luggage? They will also get to explore Paris – if not on this trip then on their next visit.

Buying for the person who already has everything is never easy, unless of course they have yet to try one of the Foxtrail Paris trails!

Kids can be tricky to buy for too, but for those aged 7 and above a Foxtrail experience is a fun and educational idea. They will probably remember the activity longer than a new gadget or jumper.

Nothing beats being gifted an experience, it’s a present they won’t forget and it gives them something exciting to look forward to – a way to kick start the new year. Buying a Foxtrail Gift Voucher is a lot easier than battling your way though the shopping centre crowds, or queueing to collect your online package delivery.

An adult voucher costs 25€ and children’s vouchers (4-15 years old) are 14€. You can buy vouchers online through this link:


From all of the Foxtrail Paris team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! Good luck with your Christmas shopping and please remember to support local businesses this year rather than the large international retailers. Every action makes a difference.

4 November 2020In NewsBy Santa Claus